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I cursed you for a lifetime to buy instant noodles without seasoning packets.


After leaving, not to mention Zhu I am happy, what qualifications do you have to wish me happiness?


As long as the heart is still jumping on your love will not stop.


Failure is not terrible, the key is not to succeed his mother.


Mood, is a state of feeling, with a good mood, it has a confidence, and then have a young and healthy. Has the desire for the future life, full of expectation, let us have a good mood, because life is happiness and happiness.


Don't think yourself better than others, even if you are excellent.


Who was in your grave and buried the promise of a lifetime?


His heart has long changed the season, and you still stand on his promise that day.


Love a person not necessarily have, but have a person should take good care of her.


If one day we lost in the crowd, commonplaces life, it is because we have no efforts to live rich.


The sky is dark, empty hole in my heart, I feel as if the world abandoned me, lonely lost helpless I pressed suffocatively come, I want to escape, fled to another world.


Memory let people cry, memories let a person, feelings let a person negative, and you always let me sink.


The biggest disadvantage is that memory is good.


At the beginning, we know there will always be an end.


The men dream of me, I dream of heaven.


Once met, total than never to meet.


With new attitude, to face the fucking life.


Once a lot of people once separate perhaps will never meet again.


Let the other person know is painful love don't let it go, let go out. Freeze it in the deepest corners of your heart.


Who can't leave who is who.


A long way, a step by step can be completed, and then a short road, do not stride feet can not reach.


I thought we were really in love, the result was really just thought.


The weather now, tap water can be directly instant noodles.


You do something wrong, it's hard to remember that you were good, really..


Among thousands of people, meet people you've met; in thousands of years, with the boundlessness of time, no early step, and no later step, happened to catch up.


Love is easy to suspect that the illusion that once seenautomatic ashes.


Are you good now? If you're not good, I'm relieved..


When you talk, the foreign language is like the meat on the teeth, except that you can't prove anything..


Time is used to stray, the body is used to love, life is used to forget, and the soul is used to sing.


Give you the tender, love me half of the displaced.


No matter how, a person always fall excuse not worth forgiving, no more love, more to love yourself.


Hurt is brought by others, happy to find themselves, want to cry, crying, and then laugh, no one can be the happiness of the confiscation of.


Happiness is not complicated. When hungry, the meal is happy, enough you can eat; thirsty, water is happy enough to drink can; naked, clothing is happy, enough clothes to wear can be; poor, money is happy, enough can; tired, leisure is a happy, enough Chang can; sleepy, sleep is happy, enough. When love, care is happiness, away from, memories is happiness. Life, from I am not from the day, happiness, from the heart to the environment.


Life is bitter and sweet, is complete; have trouble and love, is interesting; mood of the joys and sorrows, experience is; days overcast with fine, is natural; the contact from time to time, precious.


80 after the important task is to manufacture 08.


Sad sad, a person quietly, don't in front of any person tears, I can't forgive my cowardice.


It is harder to leave the track than on the track.. To leave a person is more difficult than to love a person. Leave one life, more difficult than entering a life. We tend not to lack the initiative, nor the lack of courage to try. But what really lacks is the strength to leave.. When you are troubled, so improvement is useless, you should have the courage to leave. Life, the release of their own, in order to live.


Everyone has their own independent space, then good friends should also be close to the Inter, and do not always put themselves inappropriate outsiders.


The distance between people, to keep good, too close to the tie, too far from the wounding.


Your complex facial features, can not cover your simple IQ.


I am looking for you next life, because except me, you are the most stupid.


If someone loves you, you will feel happiness.. But more often, only to see someone love each other, and you are still lonely. We are lonely walking, always feel can find happiness, but in the end, but not. Why people self deception, the vast majority of the time, we are all alone, no one love, no one cares. But anyway, alive, that is self carnival, this is enough.