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The pain of parting and disappointment, has no voice came.


To meet a person has only one minute of time, like a person as long as the use of a word; to fall in love with a person, as long as the time of day, but to forget a person has to use a lifetime.


But love has far heart fretting, content is not, nor the people, everything can not recover the past.


If you don't fly, the ideal wing is a burden to life..


As a typical failure, you are so successful.


People can have ideals, but not over fantasy..


Since I became shit, no one on my head.


The empress dowager, overturn the world for whom?


Trust others and give yourself up. This is the beginning of a failure by many people..


Life, in the final analysis, is the mood of life.


In life, after the ups and downs of various ups and downs and harvest, my mind is really mature, and no naive to face the problem, but calm and calm thinking.


If you tear, first wet my heart.


When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. When you passed away, you were smiling and you were crying.! Everything is rebirth! We are all in the cycle of!


Morning, mobile phone alarm clock; on the way to work, the mobile phone is a watch; in the morning, the phone is search engine; at noon, the mobile phone is the chat tools; in the afternoon, the mobile phone browser; at night, the mobile phone is a game machine; go to bed, the phone is sleeping pills.


Our life is to continue to start the posture to be reborn. For something only to perceive the inner call from the inner, and walk the road to stop.


Sweet talk, say to the left ear..


White horse ah... You're dead.! Did you dare to see me out of the prince..


When you meet someone who is good for yourself, don't let him slip away from his side..


When I thought I had bad luck, I would think: This is in the sway my bad luck, sway after, the rest is all lucky!


Know what you want, half to know what you must give up before you get it..


How people evaluate you are not important, the most important is that you have to see yourself.


The early bird catches the worm, the early worm eaten by the bird!


With the woman, has the absolute cleanliness, not betrayed feelings. Or, she always in the other side of the betrayal, do everything possible to get rid of this feeling, and then turn back also absolutely not!


A seemingly wrong choice might be the most beautiful adventure of your life.


Please don't cheat the kind girl. The world, the good girl too little.


I am not a fat man.


I only believe in two people in the world, one is me, the other is not you..


You let me kneel washboard, stand is kneeling electric heating!


To scour all apart from tears, only time, time to passage of the feelings, the longer, the conflict is paler, seems to be a cup of continuously diluted tea.


Leave your tears to the one who hurts you, and leave the smile to your deepest person.


Some can't help sad, we always slowly learned to hide.


You can stick to your ideals, but don't be stubborn to yourself..


How far is there forever? How far did your kid get to me!


When you are young, you fall in love with a person, you must gently to him, regardless of the length of time you love, if you always tender treatment, all the moment will be a flawless beauty.


Life is like playing chess. High vision, low can only see two or three steps. High overall situation, seeking major event, not the one or two sub - for the final goal of winning chess. The lower the hard repeated mistakes, fight for every inch of land, will eventually lead to failure.


Siyi often at dead of night, the light faint opened the sweets and bitters of life has become a most beautiful scenery line, old beauty cannot in the metabolism of devoid.


Some things turn around for a lifetime.


Something is OK, don't let yourself at the feeling of sowing, or rooting it, you want to pull too toss and toss, the root is deep, you want to pull can not pull...


Listen to the sad song, watching the happy play.


There is a very ancient legend, that is to see the beauty of the people will be ever-young in our campus...


You just need to remember one thing, in the feelings can easily give up your people, are not love you. No matter how many of his dismay, how much of the performance and pain. As long as the easy to give up you, that person will not love you. Because love the most important point, is not to give up. Setbacks, disasters, sickness, poverty, can not make you give up love. Never abandon, is love.